1st Track Workout in 9 Months!

12.5 weeks post back surgery, 20.5 & 24.5 weeks post feet surgery.

Track Tuesday, VERY sweaty

I showed up to the YMCA this am to participate in my 1st track practice since May 2017.  I arrived excited that I could jog the warmup and cooldown with the others, I’ve been meeting everyone at the track since I was still walk/jogging.  Everything was pretty uneventful, I relished in the fact that I was out there.  My coach was starting everyone for their workouts, and I promptly said, “what about me?!”  Haha!  She reluctantly gave me a modified version of the workout.  The whole time I was pushing, I’d remind myself that I’d been dreaming of this day.  I think that will be my default for most tough moments this year.  Remembering the struggle and the yearning to be out there and not be able, and then smile through the tough parts and be grateful to be “participating” again.

The runs have been pretty exciting for me, the back is still adjusting to all the impact just like anyone else who hasn’t run in that long, but it’s letting me get out there.  The feet on the other hand feel like sausages, seriously.  I told my hubby the other day that I had pregnant feet.  The doctor says it’ll be a year before all the swelling and everything returns to its new normal.  Luckily for me Greenville, SC has a place called Frigid Cryotherapy.  This place along with Palmetto PT has been a huge part of helping me get through last year, and recovery from all my surgeries.  I’ve literally been going to Frigid every week and “double dipping” just to keep my body somewhat normal and pain under control.  I’ve been utilizing the normatec boots a little more while there this year too, it’s actually THE PERFECT LUNCH BREAK.

Hopefully every week or 2 I will have some progress to update everyone on, but until then just keep me in your thoughts.  Progress is wonderful, but it’s never at the pace we want, and sometimes hard to get excited about b/c you never know when there may be a setback.

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