Monthly Archives: March 2018

1st Track Workout in 9 Months!
12.5 weeks post back surgery, 20.5 & 24.5 weeks post feet surgery. I showed up to the YMCA this am to participate in my 1st track practice since May 2017.  I arrived excited that I could jog the warmup and cooldown with the others, I’ve been meeting everyone at the...
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1st Triathlon of 2018…and I made it!
11 weeks post spinal stenosis and discectomy back surgery, 19 & 23 weeks post hallux rigdus & sesamoid bone feet surgery, and I’M BACK!  Okay, okay, not quite….I’ve been walk/jogging for 3 weeks and swimming for 1 week so what do I do?!  I participate in Parris Island Sprint Tri!  This...
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