Monthly Archives: May 2012

Low Country Splash 2.4 mile swim
My goal for this race, vacation vacation vacation!  I literally just needed a break from life, and this was my opportunity to race and have relaxation.  Time on the beach spent w/my besties and AJ was what I dreamt about.  Tropical storms rolling through at the same time were not...
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Clemson Tri
A week later, and a couple more workouts completed I had yet another race on my calendar.  Again, Sarah and I had TNTers doing this race as their first tri ever.  I still wasn’t feeling 100% but I was on the mend, which was a nice feeling.  Clemson Tri brings...
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Lake Murray Tri
Hhhhhmmmm, that was my reaction to whether I wanted to do this race or not.  Since the Charleston Half that I had to not start 3 weeks prior my workouts had been once a week, sometimes twice.  I talked to coach fowler a week before the race though and he...
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