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I started triathlon in 2004, and to see the progress of the sport since then has been amazing.   I started with Team in Training, continued with them and ended up coaching with them for years.  I was also part of Trisports.com team for 10 years, and really enjoyed the...
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Becoming Inactive is Bad!
Haha, I know some of you will love that title!  Well, I finished Ironman and was able to run with no issues a week and a half later only to be sidelined for prolotherapy.  I tried to take things in stride (not really), but had no choice except to listen...
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Prolotherapy Visit #3 on SI area and more
This has become the year of putting my body back together again.  Ironman Hawaii is complete, and as much as I hate being sidelined longer than I anticipated from running and triathlons, I’m fully committed to doing everything I can to ensure I treat my body as it deserves now. ...
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Prolotherapy Visit #1&2 on SI area and another
Happy holidays!  Kind of, not really, haha.  I struggled A LOT with sharing the last post, and continuing to follow up on it.  I will say the ONLY reason I decided to document and share this journey is that I couldn’t find hardly any information from a patient’s perspective on...
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