1st Triathlon of 2018…and I made it!

11 weeks post spinal stenosis and discectomy back surgery, 19 & 23 weeks post hallux rigdus & sesamoid bone feet surgery, and I’M BACK!  Okay, okay, not quite….I’ve been walk/jogging for 3 weeks and swimming for 1 week so what do I do?!  I participate in Parris Island Sprint Tri!  This race is hard not to be at, it’s where most of the local tri peeps come out to test where they are in their off season training, and what better locale then a Marine Base for this all to occur on?!  Plus, the Setup Crew is my FAV races to be at.

I have the need, the need for caffeine & Frigid!

I’ve been cautiously optimistic day by day, the 1st swim back had me questioning if I was ready, and then I reminded myself that this race was about participating and trying to get back into the swing of things.  I spoke with my coach and PT, and they all agreed I could go.  Palmetto PT has been a HUGE part of my recovery, he told me to go into the race with 2 words, SMOOTH AND CONTROLLED.  The pool swim was NOT smooth or controlled, but it’s a pool swim.  The bike was IDEAL conditions, little wind, perfect temp, and I loved every moment of it remembering my mantra.  I had a little throbbing in my low back, but I worked through it.  The sharp pains weren’t there, I backed off before they showed up.  My transitions showed I’m a little rusty, but once I got on that run and I was able to RUN (smooth and controlled) I was on cloud nine.  It’s been since June that I’ve been able to run in a triathlon.  I have to keep pinching myself and remind myself of that feeling.  The feeling of freedom, it’s like flying and there’s nothing that can replace it, even IF I was a few seconds from placing.

My buddy and competitor, we both were out of our comfort zone this year

I’m not where I’d LOVE to be at the start of a season, but by gosh I’m out there and thankful for all those that have helped me on this long journey.

Malone Coaching Lunch

The best part of this race, is Addison still gets excited to go

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