Monthly Archives: April 2010

Bad Nightmare
Okay, so do you ever sit there and think to yourself that surely what’s going on in your life at that given point can’t be real? Maybe you’re just still asleep stuck in a nightmare? I’ve been going through the last week and a half feeling that way. Heath and I went to...
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Happy Birthday
I just wanted to take a brief moment to say Happy Birthday to !!! They are now 10 years old, or young, and have made huge strides from where they started. They began their shop in a garage and have grown to include endless swimming pools to try and places for...
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Warning! Hostility ahead, beware
I’ve seen a similar warning before on a blog, and it just so happened to be from another pregnant lady so go figure. . . I’m not trying to say that all pregnant ladies are hostile, but I will say that the patience I once had has temporarily left the...
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