Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Nerve of People..
Ok, so some of you who are friends with me on facebook may have already read about this, if so you are more than welcome to tune out. Yesterday right as I was leaving work another employee informed me that the customer they had just waited on made a comment. He said,...
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Remember when things were normal?
So things since the half marathon have been a crazy rollercoaster ride. I started out the week so excited to start “tri training” as that meant we were almost to tri season and that just always seems to make me smile. Sure I get nervous about not being in shape and all the...
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Rear in Gear Half Marathon
So, not my typical race for more reasons than I can count. One, I had ran 2 times in the past two weeks . . .sorry Katie. Two, I’m pregnant. Three, my butt has gained 10 pounds in the past 10 weeks and boy does that have an effect on speed . ....
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