Monthly Archives: August 2008

Surgery’s done!
I am home and couldn’t be happier:)! Surgery actually went really well, they had me up and walking around pretty soon and it wasn’t too bad. Morphine can make things a lot better. I was hoping to get home this morning, but I didn’t get discharged until 12:30. I have to say I was...
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Life not training, and an awesome cause
So what have I been up to? Sleep, tv, and making permanent indentions into the couch. I think I have formed my own groove in the couch I seem to be there so often. It was nice at first just because I think your body appreciates the downtime after IM training, but now...
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More Updates
I never realized how much I raced until now, and I never realized how much I trained until now which has made think there isn’t much to report on. I do have things to report on though. I had a great day on Saturday which included volunteering at the Paris Mtn. Trail...
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