Monthly Archives: November 2010

Glenn Thrift Challenge
This is not a race. This is one of those rogue events that only a handful of people know about, it’s not sag supported theirs no timing chips no race numbers. It’s just a TON of fun! I was told about this 19-23 mile (who knows mileage) hike/run years ago by some friends. Glenn...
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Paris Mountain 11k Trail Run
The Paris Mountain 11k Trail Run is a great event that I can’t always do b/c of scheduling. The last time I did this race was 2008. I signed up last year, even showed up race day, but I knew I was pregnant at the time and made a last minute decision...
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Camp Croft Half Marathon
I LOVE running! I really do. Two races two weekends in a row, and this weekend will be yet another weekend spent on the trails in the mountains. Saturday was the inaugural Camp Croft Half Marathon Trail Run held in Camp Croft State Park in Spartanburg , SC. A friend recommended the race,...
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