Ironman Florida Training Wk 18

I’ve finally been making a little more time for reading, a luxury I haven’t made time for since Addison, and it’s been nice to disappear into another world at times.  It’s also been nice to have reminders of how and why I should be doing things as opposed to the habits I sometimes fall into. 

With that being said, since this is my first Ironman back since having baby (I guess not a baby anymore) I thought it’d be great to record the trials and tribulations of mommy Ironman training a week at a time.  I think it’ll be nice to have a place to vent my frustrations, enjoy my successes, and most of all reflect on the journey. 

I’m counting down from the start, week 18.  Boy this has been a start too!  I went from working out once a week for the past 4 weeks, trying to recover from my bike wreck, to putting in more hours this week training then I probably have all monthJ!  The training has been nice, it’s not easy and I’m not yet back into the routine of getting up early morning so Heath is having to bear with me and the trainer on some nights.  So far this week, I’ve done something every day sometimes 2 things in a day.  Maybe not exact workouts every day, but something is better than nothing and I’m just going to stick w/that. 

In other breaking news, to kick off my wonderful ironman training, I LOST MY GARMIN 910XT!  I know, horrific.  I have to say the peeps (Antonio and Jaclyn) at saved the day and my Garmin should be in my hands today.  I’m happy for this b/c I am out of town all next week and that would have been dreadful w/o my watch.  If you ever need anything swim, bike, run related please check them out and use my code NRAMSB-S for a discount!

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