IM Florida Training and Week 17

I must love a good challenge.  Bankers School and Ironman training about put me over the edge this year.  Senior year (this year) is a bank simulation which involves way too much brain power.  I had to pretend I was executive management and take a bank that was heading into the wrong direction and make decisions over the course of 8 quarters and get it in the right direction.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that stressed out in school and totally have a new understanding of what our CEO’s at The Palmetto Bank go through.  Thursday night we (team of 5) got our last results so we could tweak our presentation to board members that was due on Friday.  I think I finally had what I was supposed to say about an hour before the presentation, and did I mention they also get to ask us questions after we are done….UGH!  I can say it’s official and I did graduate.  Whether I want to further that and go to LSU is a whole other story.

Working out was extremely interesting, getting up really early wasn’t an option as my sleep on a twin size dorm room bed was minimal.  One day we had an hour break before our graduation photos and I managed to sneak a 30 minute run in and had just enough time to rinse off, throw my hair up, and slip on my little black dress.  Everyone got great amusement out of that, they couldn’t believe I could get ready so quickly.  I told them it was transition drill training!  I did however notice a day later that my eyebrows could have been mowed they’d grown so much!  Atleast I had the basics done.  I enjoyed some bike rides outside and a few runs.  I tried to use my exercise as stress reliefs, as I certainly needed something to help relieve my tension.  One night I even ended my bike ride with a nice cold beer.  It’s been AGES since I’ve done that.  Boy did it taste good though. 

I really look forward to some calm this next week and recovery week.  I think my mind needs recovery more than my body at this point!

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