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Okay, I just dreaded the thought of doing another race report so I figured if I took a few minutes and wrote about something else maybe I wouldn’t feel that way. In fact, I am not going to talk about my training days this week either. What I am going to talk about is all the great people surround me and support me. The following people and businesses are instrumental to my participation in triathlon: – Hands down, this is the best tri shop. I may not be in AZ, but when I call and need help I feel like they are right next door and willing to help. They will also price match any product you find. Just make sure you click on my link on the left hand side of the page and they know where you are coming from! – Everyone in the south knows what Dukes Mayo is. They have become dedicated to making healthier versions of the mayonnaise everyone loves just so people like us can still splurge! -Atlanta Bread Co makes the best soups, sandwiches, and bagels around. They are my favorite stop after a long ride or run at Furman, don’t fight the urge to stop next time you are near there! -Barracuda makes the BEST goggles ever! I spent months trying to find goggles that don’t leak, or leave huge marks around your eyes. How lucky am I to be sponsored by the same goggle company that supplies Michellie Jones with her goggles. If you don’t believe me, ask to borrow a pair of mine. – Greg is among the many people that help keep my body functioning to it’s best ability. He specializes in Structural Energetic Therapy and helps not just athletes, but also people with chronic health problems. I highly recommend him and was lucky to meet him at the Greenville Tri 2 years ago.
St. Martin Chiropractic – I have been seeing Dr. Doug since January and I think that he is one of the reasons I have been able to continue training and racing through my tailbone separation. He helps people through a wide range of problems from infertility to migraines to athletes just wanting to improve performance. – Not only do I have the best goggles, but I also have the BEST sunglasses. Zeal makes stylish sunglasses and is also environmentally friendly using recycled material to make their sunglasses. This is another product that if you don’t think you would like them, try mine and then see if you still feel the same way. They are awesome.
Forrest Fowler – He might as well be a sponsor. He has taken the time to make me the athlete that I am. He’s put up with my crazy questions (what am i supposed to do again?), ignoring his workouts (i don’t do that anymore), and my stubbornness. I am sure he never thought I would go from Hilton Head to multiple IM, but I couldn’t have done it without his guidance and what Regina would call tough love:)
James Keogh – If you want to do 4,000 plus yards every swim workout this is the man to see, and if you don’t I am sure he could be accommodating:) Katie Malone told me after my first season that if I wanted to get better, join a masters swim class over the winter. I liked mine so much I stuck with it. He has transformed my swim and his workouts with Forrest make all the difference.
My friends – I have to say my friends are the best They support me even though during tri season I don’t always get out for girls night or dinner. I try to keep up with phone calls or emails, but am not always as successful as I would like to be. I know sometimes they question my sanity, but they suck it up and try to understand. I would be there for any of them in a heartbeat, and love them to death!
My family – Much like the friends, once IM training starts I try to stay focused so my days run together and I don’t have as much contact as I would like. They are always there when I need them, and I love them.
My Hubby – The man who is ready to throw my computer out the window right now has no idea what I am doing. Basically, I couldn’t ask for more. He has watched me get completely involved in a sport that not only takes money, but lots of time on top of that. Thanks for not killing me with my 3-4 am wake up calls, and for helping out and making me dinner. I truly couldn’t do it without you!

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