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The last month has been anything but uneventful, that’s for sure . . . I enjoyed my week off from training right after the Macon half iron. I ended the week with a trip to Council Bluffs, IA to see my little sis who just graduated highschool and my grandparents who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I hated that the time went by so quickly, but loved seeing my family. They definitely bring me back to reality and help me have fun each and every moment I am with them. Poor Sarah watched the dogs, and had to deal with Roscoe having an episode, but she handled it with ease.
I came home with some fight in me to start my IM training. If you have been following things lately I have had a problem with getting the training I normally do in. I had a great couple weeks of training, raced Tri the Midlands and did part of a training run after that. The heat was so bad there that I literally couldn’t have finished that run if you’d paid me. In fact, I walked 3 times during the sprint tri. I know, I know, how dare I! Good thing Troy called me out or I may have walked it all! It was the slowest 5k time I have had in the history of triathlon, but atleast I finished. It was nice to see some of my friends out there, and enjoyed the company of Kat and Jeff for the run after the tri. Thank god for Ashley giving me her water afterwards, b/c everyone had already devoured the water at the post party and there was nothing left. 
I decided at the last minute to take the following week off of work, so it worked perfectly that Heath decided to have people over. All I have to say, is SirMixalot has nothing on Ashley Long and I rapping. The night ended with us doing karoake, and sarah staring in amazement b/c the songs were before her time. I had a great ride with some of my tnters the next day and was excited that everything was still flowing with my training. 
Monday and Tuesday were awesome! I would love to live the life of a pro athlete, without all the stress:)! Then late Tuesday night Roscoe started to have problems breathing. Heath and I did all we could, pain meds and all, but to no avail wound up at Upstate Vet around 3 or 4am. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an episode of pain as usual. This was the cancer invading his lungs and not letting him breathe. I literally carried him from couch to bed to car to vet. He wouldn’t move. I never thought in my entire life I could miss something as much as I miss him. We decided it was best to put him down b/c he wasn’t gettin better and wasn’t fair to him. I know it will get better, I just miss the darn dog. The house is quiet, Heath and I beyond devastated, and yet we both have to carry on. We both had to be out of town that weekend and be apart from eachother. He had to go to Hilton Head for work and I had to put on a brave face and go to Philly with the team in training athletes. Philly was a needed distraction.
The two athletes I went for were Kevin and Ray and I am lucky to have a great relationship with them that I don’t need to censor myself. Ray’s wife Heather on the other hand probably wasn’t prepared for me:). We had a blast the entire weekend kidding around, walking, walking, and walking, and I am proud to say that both of them did AWESOME!. Ray finished right over 2:30 hours and Kevin finished right under 3 hours. Kevin did lose his fuel on the bike, but props go to Ray who had a perfect race. Thanks for making my weekend so much better than what it would have been! Thanks to Kimberly going to Doggie Style with me as well. I am seriously contemplating a campaign for greenville to get one!

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