Week 5 Post Back Surgery, Week 12 Post Left Foot Surgery, & Week 16 Post Right Foot Surgery

Hello week 5, and I’m ready to say goodbye to you just as quickly. 3 months 3 surgeries, and lots of patience and healing going on. In case you didn’t read my previous blog, I had the same surgery on both feet, hallux rigdus surgery along with sesamoid bone removal. My back surgery was endoscopic spinal stenosis L4 and discectomy at L5. (Fully history of why is in previous blog)

I spoke with a sports psychologist yesterday, and he was extremely reassuring of all my fears, and said this next month should be called “recovery month”. I’ve officially stopped counting the weeks of foot surgery now that I’ve passed the magic 12 week mark, as that’s how long you have to wait before you do anything high impact. Now my main focus is counting the weeks of post back surgery to see if my stars align and I get to try jogging at week 8. The clear answer of jogging, and when, is not clear at all. In fact, things are day to day at this point in regards to most exercise. The reason is outside of the surgery, PT, doctors, and everyone involved know there are other issues with the back that have to be addressed, and honestly I feel like something new is discovered every day. The good news is that discovering other issues, means that some of the most painful issues are getting better or else I’d never recognized the new ones.

As frustrated as a person can get with recovery or injuries that have been ongoing or chronic, I think each minor victory should be celebrated. What am I celebrating this past week? I was able to get on the bike trainer, and do an easy spin for 45 minutes AND get aero, with no back pain for the first time since June last year. I had a minor setback from probably doing too much (3 trainer rides in 4 days), but this is the 1st aerobic workout I’ve had since IM Chattanooga in September and I was excited. Long term issues stink, so I’ll leave you with this. I was asked if during an Ironman race I considered quitting, I said without hesitation, No (don’t count Chattanooga, haha!). I was then asked why I never considered it, and I said it’s because I choose little goals that are attainable and focus on getting from one spot to the next. He said that I may not realize it when I’m doing it during day to day life, but I am. This is why I love Ironman and triathlon, you learn lessons on the daily and they can usually be applied to regular everyday life. Mini goals will get me through this injury, life with my rowdy 7 year old boy, and Ironman.

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