Week 16-Non-Ironman Training

2 words.  EPIC FAIL.  Unless of course you count the workout my abs have gotten from coughing.  That’s what this week has been as far as training is concerned.  I developed a cough while at Bankers School last week and that cough turned into broncho/pneumonia (I’m assuming).  I went to the doctor on Thursday and was told it was bronchitis (along w/sinus infection) and that the lungs weren’t sounding great so if not profoundly better in 2 days I needed to have an xray.  In the meantime, Sarah (bff) had already hit the antibiotics and still felt horrible and had the xray that showed broncho/pneumonia.  My hubby was sick as well, so I think it’s safe to assume that whatever bug one of us got we passed it to eachother.  Needless to say, NO TRAINING ALL WEEK!  It’s Saturday as I write this and I’d told myself that if I felt better today I’d try a little jog.  I’m doubtful that’s going to happen, the breathing is still labored just sitting at my desk at workL.

I’m a girl that relies on her training to get through bad moments of races, and when I don’t get training in it’s harder for me to power thru those tough spots.  I say this w/the full knowledge that when sickness is as bad as it is right now my health needs to come first.  I’m going to try to be smart about this recovery process but in the meantime figure out if I can get some movement going on pronto.  Maybe one more day of no activity won’t kill me, but then this girl needs to get some exercise going!

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