Sugar Creek Kids Tri (Take 3)


Addison, my son, signed up for this triathlon for his 3rd year and was soooo excited.  The date of triathlon just happened to be the day before I was leaving for my Ironman….let’s add some stress!  Haha!  To make matters more difficult, my niece was doing it, and my dad decides I need to find her a bike the day before.  I love you dad, but really!?  I’m an Ironman athlete in taper, that’s like poking the bear.  I decided she could ride Addison’s old bike and I’d just let him ride his smaller one….the morning of the race I go to pump his tires and one is flat (I have no replacement!).  Hmm….what do I do now?!  It’s 5am!!  I grabbed my mountain bike, lowered the seat as far as it would go, and left the clipless pedals for her to ride on top of.  This is just the precursor to my morning….

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