So many things to be thankful for

Well, the past few weeks (7 to be exact) have been a little trying to say the least. I’m really trying to get back into the training mode, which has been a little uphill to say the least. I committed to this approx. 7 weeks ago w/race schedule in hand only to be thrown a new curveball. Note to one’s self, don’t talk about not baby making . . . .its the sure fire way to wind up pregnant.
Yep, I am 11 weeks pregnant (my father couldn’t be so happy) and have my first ultrasound tomorrow which I will hopefully come out of with flying colors. I have had all the wonderful ugliness of the 1st trimester and cant wait for it to be over as quick as it came. I am hoping in another week or so life will feel a little better. But back to what I’m thankful for. . . . I’m thankful for my husband #1. He has truly been a trooper through my ugly mood swings, my nauseausness, my desire to continue to race, and my feelings of inadequacy. I really don’t know what I’d do without someone who has really tried to be so supportive, especially when I feel bad (way too often).
I’m also thankful that I can work out. I may not be making all my scheduled workouts, but I ran 13 miles on Saturday and that’s not bad. I’m grateful Katie Malone decided to take me on as one of her athletes, without her watching over me my hubby and dad probably wouldn’t let me out of the house to exercise. I will still be racing, its just a completely different kind of racing that I’ve never done before. Paris Mtn. Road Race was testament to that.
I’m thankful for my friends. I don’t think I have ever needed my friends more than I do now. I have had crying days, happy days, and just kind of blah days. I don’t ask for help, which is something I have to work on, but there are times I know you guys are my angels when you just call or show up at the right times with words of encouragement (or coffeeJ). 
Last but not least, I’m so thankful to my sponsors. My sponsors had some hard thinking to do especially since it’s the time of year for renewing and what not. I am so excited to say that most signed back on even after finding out I’m pregnant. I can’t begin to explain how much that meant to me to know that I have signed on with such great companies as, Atlanta Bread Co., Gault Homes, Zeal Optics, Powerbar, Barracuda, Greg Spindler and Overbrook Chiropractic. Some don’t renew until later in the year, but they have all been essential to my success.

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