Rear in Gear Half Marathon

So, not my typical race for more reasons than I can count. One, I had ran 2 times in the past two weeks . . .sorry Katie. Two, I’m pregnant. Three, my butt has gained 10 pounds in the past 10 weeks and boy does that have an effect on speed . . .or lack there of. 
I was informed today by a friend I’m no longer able to compare race times and it’s just not healthy, so this will hopefully be the last time I talk about last years time vs. this years time. I have found that when you’re pregnant you have to follow certain guidelines if you are going to exercise, and what you think will be easy to do isn’t always easy. If I choose to race I have to keep my h/r avg right now around 150, now keep in mind last year my avg. was probably around 169 or more for this particular race. That is a huge difference. Better than that, I have to be able to always carry on a conversation. Try that on a hill if you want to be honest with yourself. I did today. I was honest. I carried on conversations, I paid attention to heartrate, I geled every 30 minutes, I drank both my bottles, and not once did I look at my garmin. There were 2 brief times where I took 10 seconds or so to walk and that was it. I felt good up until the end, my knee started bothering me a little but other than that I was impressed with how my body handled todays run. I will not run anymore races this year in racing flats, I did learn that. You live and learn the new things your body and joints can handle. Overall I was very excited with how today went when I finished. I wasn’t tired I felt good and that’s what counted, don’t do anything to exhaustion. Then I see my time . . . 1:57, a mere 14 minutes slower than last year I believe. I was immediately kicking myself. I had done well, I had let people pass me and followed the rules but jeez! I do understand I’m pregnant, but I’m still a competitive person and people have to realize this is all an adjustment for me just like I have to remind myself I’m lucky. I’m lucky I’m out there and have people to support me doing it in a healthy and responsible way. Pregnancy aside, I will not take a week and a half off workouts again. I know that was just as much responsible for today’s results as the pregnancy.
Thank you to everyone’s cheering today, especially the great crewing section that may bail on doing the race every year but still manage to come support! Thanks to Jeff for keeping an eye on me, and thanks to some guy named Glenn for keeping the race fun and making conversation. 
First race of the year is done, and ready for the rest. My sponsors rock!

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