Myrtle Beach Sprint Tri

Full of tons of fun and more . . .

My life will never be the same. I’m happy to be a mom, but let me tell you it definitely changes your prerace routine. I have definitely become a better multitasker, but mornings are what my hubby calls a rat race. When you bring actual racing into the mix and travel it makes it even more interesting. Somehow I get to the race site only 15 mins. behind schedule. I’m sure some thought I was insane. Picture 2 people with 2 bikes, 2 transition bags, and a stroller loaded down trying to make it to transition. Luckily Sarah and I were both racked right next to each other so I could get help with Addison if needed. The stress level was high for me, I mean I still have other “feeding” requirements that add time to my schedule and lets not forget Addison ’s babysitter for the race. .. .My grandma. I found out last minute that my grandparents would be in Myrtle Beach this weekend so grandma offered to come to the race site and watch Addison while I raced. Well, addresses were wrong and I though her hotel was a mile from race site and she was really 20 minutes from race site. Literally 3 minutes before the horn goes off for my wave she walks up. I was close to tears. Little did Jeremey (race director) know that I’d been eyeing him as my babysitter. He was saved and didn’t even know it! 

The swim was looking a little intimidating just b/c of my lack of swimming these days, but I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Who cares the day before they made everyone get out of the water b/c of rough water and rip currents? Or that the weekend before they made people exit the water b/c of bull sharks. Not me! The horn blows and I’m off. I have to say that yet again I found myself in need of someone to draft. I was lucky to find someone I could keep my eye on for sighting, but drafting was impossible. The waves reminded me of IMFL in 06, just these huge swells that you ride then stroke. Every buoy I kept thinking I should be farther than I was. I finally make it to the last buoy and can finally breathe.

Transition one seemed a little slow to me, I still don’t quite have that spring in my step that I’m accustomed to. As I head out on the bike I just try to remind myself to keep my cadence high. Flat course, I know that I can spin I just have to keep focused. Disappointed in my swim, my goal is now to hammer the bike. I feel pretty good on the bike and keep thinking this is a sprint and it’s supposed to hurt. Hurting was going to be my only gauge, not how fast. A couple times I see a few people in my age group which is just fuel to my fire. I roll into transition feeling really good about the bike. Now I just hope I don’t have to walk on the run.

I start the run and my legs have that all too familiar feeling of heaviness that I have lately. Frustrated yet determined to make the best of it, I try to keep that same turnover that I had on the bike but not so high that I’m going to have to walk. Curtis Farmer, a triathlete that I truly admire, passes by me offering words of encouragement and asking about Addison and that just helped keep things in perspective. I’ve only been off bed rest for 2.5 months, and just had a baby. Yes, I still have to remind myself of that. I finally see the 1 mile sign and I could have sworn it was a lie, I have to be farther than that! Now I just want to make it to the next mile marker w/o walking. The goal begins to be harder and harder as I watch these people I passed on the bike pass me back. I literally watched my entire age group (or so I thought) pass me in the last mile. I could have walked, very easily, but I fought and dug deep. I wanted to hurt, to remind myself I can do this. I cross the finish line meeting my goals and seeing Addison right there waiting on me made it all worth while.

Somehow in the registration process there was some confusion, I should have been 3rd age group but was still in the Athena category and placed 3rd there. I’m happy wherever I ended up. I pushed and had a good effort. I had the fastest bike split of the day, even if there wasn’t the competition there usually is, I think that’s great. I truly don’t think we could have packed more fun in the span of 24 hours than we did. Addison had his first beach trip, water park fun, and watched me race yet another tri. I really have to thank Donna for watching Addison, Sarah for all the help, Heath for still humoring my tri obsession, Forrest for giving me some structure, Al at Go Tri Sports for the free race entry, and all my sponsors that support what I do. Oh, and to all the people sending me good mojo, THANKS! 

P.S. Team In Training athletes rocked at the DC Triathlon on Sunday with all the athletes braving the rain and the shark infested Potomac . What those athletes do is such an awesome thing! You’ve been a pleasure to work with!


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