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I have some more wonderful updates to talk about. First of all, keep Regina in your thoughts and prayers and lets hope some miraculous doctor fixes her up tomorrow and she’s still able to do Austria. I actually had a dream last night that they fixed her and she was able to race, I think she did it with a cast but she was still out there. 
Other updates . . . Julie Murphy being the hammerhead that she is finished 1st in her age group and was 3rd overall female in her swim around Key West! WOOHOO!!!!! I still think she’s completely nuts for doing a 12.5 mile swim. As I understand it Tracy McKee had a 1st at something when she was in Key West as well, I have to say I was so proud she expanded her horizons . . .he he he he he. 
Last but not least, Jolene Hopper ( and Sarah Parker ( competed in the Philadelphia Triathlon today. Not only did they finish an olympic distance triathlon, but they have each raised over $4,000 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society! What a great group of girls, and I was happy to be involved with them. If you would like to donate, just click on one of their links. They will hopefully update their pages with a race report this week!

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