MIA Year of 2017

First, let me say that I really don’t feel like people have the time to read blogs anymore, so I don’t think anyone was really missing much from me not posting.  Second of all, I had a chat with my coach and hubby late 2016 and after being plagued with silly injuries, PR’s, and tons of hard work but still not feeling satisfied it was suggested I shake things up and take some things off my plate.  I decided to go sponsorless….crazy right?  I’d partnered with Trisports and Atlanta Bread for over 10 years, LOVED them but ultimately we came to the conclusion that if I took some undo pressure off myself (my peeps are awesome, but I expect to give them results and earn my keep) maybe I’d see a change in things.  Any of you that know me, know that in the year of 2017 I DID NOT ACCOMPLISH THAT.

So why start back blogging?  I need an outlet, if one person can learn from my mistakes it’s worth it, and honestly….I love having that record of those particular experiences.  Below is a recap of my 2017, better known as WORST YEAR EVER IN SPORT AND HEALTH?


February-training is on point, getting workouts in and things are rolling along.  Having some problem with my feet, but saw dr and had some injections done which helped a little.

March-I had a personal record (PR) at a SPRINT RACE I’d been doing for over 10 years….I never thought this was possible.  Ironman PR’s yes, but sprints at this age…never in my dreams

April-My CRAZY WORK season with LLS was in full swing.  80 hour weeks depending on the circumstances, training hit or miss, and my grandfather became very ill while living too far for me to pick up and go see.  This grandfather practically raised me while my mom worked nights when I was younger.  The exact same thing happened at the same time last year with my papa on my dad’s side, and we ended up losing him a month later.  So stress galore is what I’m getting at.

May-Luckily our Half Iron that I was scheduled to participate in was cancelled due to weather b/c my training was not there, and I was still cleaning up little things from the crazy work season.  Dr. decided foot surgery was going to have to get on books for post season as it was bothering me daily and you can only have so many injections.

June-I tried to get back on track with workouts, flew to my sisters bachelorette party, went and visited my sick grandfather, AND……helped my husband carry a washer up the stairs.  WORST MISTAKE EVER.  I was in pain I’d never experienced before.  I didn’t have the MRI done, and should have.  I did start PT, massage therapy, chiropractor, and Frigid Cryotherapy immediately.  A friend passed away from Colon Cancer to end that month out.

July-I had IM Lake Placid on July 23rd, and only did 4-5 workouts (not recommended) in the 5 weeks leading up to the race.  We just hoped it’d heal if I rested it, and I had some base in there with some long rides prior to injury.  I made the most of Placid, but was in a considerable amount of pain during the race, and instantly knew once I was off the bike that I was going to have to walk an entire marathon for the first time ever.  We drove home a day or 2 after the race only to fly out hours later for my sister’s wedding.

August-MRI completed, bulging discs and a protruding disc at L5S1.  The base I had going into IM Placid is now gone, and decisions as to whether it was smart to race with the injury (permanent damage), how bad was it going to hurt (I’ve been in some pain caves), and with the lack of training was I even going to be able to finish.  Hubby and I consulted with 4 drs, my coach, and ourselves and ultimately decided since this was magic IM #12 and it didn’t appear I’d do any permanent damage to move forward and complete IM Chattanooga that I’d give it a shot.  Magic #12 gets you put into the Legacy Lottery which allows you to compete at the IM World Championships in the next year or 2.  This had been a goal for myself and my bestie to do together and this would make our #12.  So I moved forward in what training I could do, power walked some, and see how the chips falls…

September-I got in the workouts I could tolerate.  Oh, and I accepted a job offer for a new career the day before I left for IM.   The race was 3rd weekend in Sept., and when we got there it was hot.  I didn’t do much of anything anyways b/c again I was in pain most of the time.  I completed the race, it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in my racing career.  I got off the bike barely able to walk, cried in T2, hobbled out just not knowing what else to do.  I finished an hour faster than I had at IM Placid just due to the walk training.  I finished, and I do have to acknowledge what an accomplishment that was, but for the first time ever I couldn’t pull out of the dark during the race and turn it into a positive.  I was miserable in pain pretty much from the get go, and I have always had an uncanny way of finding the bright and changing the tone during IM.  Smile, sing, cheer, do whatever it takes to have fun, this is what I thrive on.  It’s YOUR day, that’s what I tell myself!  There was none of that.  I left a race that should have been a huge positive b/c I hit the magic #12 and actually finished, but I was emotionally and physically trashed.  I cried at the finish more than once.  I’m not sure what the reason was, pain, frustration, disappointment in myself for not enjoying my day, possibly putting myself in this position b/c I made a stupid choice in carrying something when I know better.  I don’t know.  4 days later I had my scheduled surgery on my left foot to have my sesamoid bone removed and my hallux rigdus shaved down.

October-I get my stitches removed from surgery #1 the day before I’m set to start my new job, only to drop a table on the same foot an hour later and bust it back open.  I started my new job the next day with quite the hobble.  Had surgery on the right foot less than 2 weeks later (way sooner than expected) for the same procedure as the left.

November-Week after surgery go to IM Florida to cheer on friends, volunteer, and try not to hurt myself any further.  I sign up for IM Florida so I can maintain my Legacy Lottery status to get to Kona.

December-I went on a mini vacation with my family to Vail, Colorado where I got to witness my son and my husband start to fall in love with skiing and see why I loved it so much.  The travel to get there is worthy of its own page.  The dr. had said that I could test out the slopes, and as long as I listened to my body and didn’t break my form while skiing I was ok to do it.  I have to admit, I had no expectations, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying myself and even skiing with the boys for a bit.  I came home only to have my 3rd surgery in 3 months on 12/21, an endoscopic discectomy on my L5 and L4 spinal stenosis.  I’m thankful I still got to enjoy the holidays with my family, and am hoping 2018 has some awesomeness to throw my way.

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