I started triathlon in 2004, and to see the progress of the sport since then has been amazing.   I started with Team in Training, continued with them and ended up coaching with them for years.  I was also part of Trisports.com team for 10 years, and really enjoyed the camaraderie and meeting people all across the states and all different levels from someone who had never done a triathlon to eating dinner with the one and only Andy Potts and team the night before St. Anthony’s tri.  I have to say one of my favorite meetings was at Ironman Hawaii where I got to meet and chat with Angela Naeth at the Quintana Roo tent.  Angela had been a Trisports athlete as well so I’d followed her since the team kind of dissipated, and was so stoked to see her make it to Hawaii after her ongoing battle with Lyme disease.  I’m pretty sure she found out she was going to Hawaii around the time I did with less than 80 days notice.  She still placed 8th!!!  Can you say rockstar, and all around amazing chic?!


Post Hawaii I received a message from Angela about the #iracelikeagirl team (https://www.iracelikeagirl.com/), and so I checked it out.  I’d heard about it before and really admired what she was trying to do for the sport even during what was such a difficult time in her life health wise.  Once I looked into the specifics of the team, I decided I really wanted to be a part of it.  I haven’t regretted a moment of it since, I managed to swim over 25,000 yards the month of January (all on my vasa), and will be cycling my way to well over 200 miles in February, and more than that I get to create a bond with more women all over who are new to sport or veterans I can learn more from.  Amazingly enough, I’ve already realized there were some techie things I had no clue about, and have gotten out of my comfort zone and tried.  I started and stayed in this sport due to how everyone seemed to empower others around them regardless of triathlon being an individual sport, and I just look forward to hopefully contributing to that and getting more women involved and active.  If you’d like to see more details on #iracelikeagirl, please see below and feel free to join:


iracelikeagirl is a women’s endurance team and community created and supported by professional triathlete Angela Naeth. We aim to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages and abilities to support, encourage and inspire one another in the sport of triathlon, cycling, running and swimming! This unique project gives new triathletes and seasoned veterans opportunity to be part of a team and enjoy a community that brings out the best in themselves. From a members-only forum, to personal contact with Angela, as a member of iracelikeagirl, you’ll find everything you need to train and race to your potential. We offer exclusive events, a chance to meet new people, team challenges and giveaways from our sponsors, virutal races, and much more.


Join us in our Mission to…
inspire, empower and motivate other women in the sport of triathlon
promote fitness, positive change,and triathlon
participant in local and global events and give back to the community.
connect with women from across the globe
write reviews, articles and share your stories to others in the community

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