I love my job, but….

It’s not what you think it’s about, I promise.  I’m lucky in my job with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society that I’m able to make an impact, or try to, on cancer every day.  The down side is that all too often I’m also reminded that it can happen to anyone, wreak havoc on their lives, drain their bank accounts, and yet teach valuable lessons some may not have otherwise learned.  The past couple weeks has hit closer to home then I’d like.  A good friend has begun her own journey through lifes sometime ugliness.  I sit back and wonder what I can do, how I can help, and it’s beyond frustrating.  I’ve offered contacts, but wanted to do more.  So rather than share her story, I’d like to share her blog and encourage people to follow it.  I’m encouraging this for multiple reasons, so you can hear her story, pray for her, surround her w/encouragement, and create awareness.  Susan is an awesome writer, and I assure you that you will enjoy her crazy antics and stories to share.  Please pass this blog along,  http://gottatri-atriathletesjourney.blogspot.com/2013/12/high-and-low_16.html she will need all the support laughter and tears that everyone can offer.

***Update from what I sent out yesterday, make sure to check it out!  http://gottatri-atriathletesjourney.blogspot.com/


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