Great news and getting ready for surgery

First news is good news. . . Julie Murphy rocks! I sat by the computer last sunday anxiously awaiting for the Chicago triathlon to be over. I was not a big fan of their tracking system, but Julie made it all worth while. She finished 3rd overall and I couldn’t have been happier. Julie’s GO Mag article came out this week, and she deserves the attention more than anyone I know. Who else would be crazy enough to swim 12.5 miles? 
Bad news from over the weekend was Ashley Long’s bike wreck. She will be joining me in the surgery world tomorrow. As weird as it may be, we are having surgery 20 minutes apart tomorrow. Too bad we are at different hospitals, we could be bunk mates and it would be more enjoyable. Nothing like a couple of doped up athletes to make eachother feel better. I am ready for mine to be here and over with. This injury has consumed the past few months of my life, and I am ready to move on to training consuming my life again. Atleast that would be better for my waist line! So, my surgery is at 11:50 tomorrow (Friday) and I will be at Patewood’s new Greenville Hospital System building. I have heard the cafe is the bomb, which is a good thing b/c I am there overnight! I will become friends with the pain pump, that’s for sure.
One last piece of exciting news is that I have 2 friends competing in their first Ironman this weekend. WOOHOO!!!! Kat and Troy are doing IMKY this weekend, and what better way to pass my time than field text messages from Kat and then watch the race online all day long on Sunday. I don’t think I have ever been more excited for someone to race. They have both trained so hard for this race, and like the typical IM athlete have suffered mood swings, injuries, exhaustion, and and did I mention they live together? Forrest says that there’s nothing worse than two IM athletes living together and tapering at the same time. I will take his word for it. Any who, I am going to sign off and try to watch some tv and not think too much about tomorrow. It doesn’t help the drs. office sent stuff to the office that went back over what all can go wrong. Boy do they like to make me sweat. As a friend of mine says, it is what it is. So I guess I will enjoy my last meal 🙂 and have some dessert.

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