Becoming Inactive is Bad!

Haha, I know some of you will love that title!  Well, I finished Ironman and was able to run with no issues a week and a half later only to be sidelined for prolotherapy.  I tried to take things in stride (not really), but had no choice except to listen to doctors instructions and not run in order to have the best outcome.  I did walk almost every day, Jax (my weim) had a shoulder injury that required some PT so atleast there was that.  A month or 2 ago I was walking up the stairs and thought my knee gave out on me, it happened a couple other times, but I couldn’t decipher whether it was giving out or it was ITB issues.  I knew I was pretty tight on my legs with my lack of Frigid Cryotherapy visits and stretching, so I started stretching every night in hopes it’d get better. Once my coach started implementing squats and such in my workout plan, it was clear I had to divulge yet another issue we’d have to work around.  Squats and lunges were painful (they were promptly stopped), and at this point walking my right knee would completely give out on me sometimes.  I’d googled it at this point and realized it was probably Runners Knee, but I’d already addressed the stretching, so of course off to Dr. Cassas I went.  He did xrays and determined I had degeneration in the cartilage under the patellofemoral compartment (aka kneecap).  YAY ME!  Haha.  Course of treatment for now is to come in 3 different times and get shots in both knees with some kind of gel like substance to hopefully provide me some cushioning in there.  Funny enough when you google ways to treat this particular issue, prolotherapy popped right up!  Uhmmmmm, can we say I’ll be ready in the next 3 months to NEVER see a needle again.  Anyway, Dr. Cassas said that I’ve actually had this flare up before, and it most likely flared up due to my drastic INACTIVITY.  Imagine that.


Next up:

2/15/18 Prolotherapy #4

2/21/18 Knee injections


Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday to me!!!

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