Almost a New Year

Many of you may be wondering what this year has in store for me . . . believe me, I wonder that from day to day as well. Actually, I feel like I have a decent plan in place. Of course, I will have to adjust things accordingly depending on how I feel and things of that nature but I have a pretty good plan in place. As of right now, my plans include the following races since I found out I was pregnant:
Paris Mtn. Road Race 20K-completed and only 5 mins. slower than last year:)
Rear in Gear Half Marathon
Myrtle Beach Half Marathon
Parris Island Triathlon
Paris Mtn. Tri-this is a maybe
St. Anthonys Triathlon-I will be 6 mos. pregnant and will provide much entertainment to spectators I’m sure
So, I still have things to train for to help me stay fit but don’t feel like I’m overdoing it on the training. Remember, my overdoing it is much different than most people. I have gotten clearance from the doctors and just have to really focus on effort and making sure the baby is getting enough oxygen. So if you see me race day and can spare some words and conversate I’d love to chat during races just to keep myself honest! I’m excited to say that I will be volunteering at the races I don’t compete in so I can help out the wonderful sport that has helped me so much and cheer on the other races.
I hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday and get your goals in place! 

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