12 days to Ironman Austria

So, am I ready? Am I packed? Do I have everything taken care of . . . NO! To be truthful with you, it still hasn’t hit me that I am leaving in 4 days so it’s kind of hard to get motivated to pack. I have slowly but surely been getting little things done here and there, but the major stuff hasn’t been started. How do you pack for 2 weeks in another country when you want to pack light? I think it is virtually impossible, the only good thing is I have a few friends who are old pros at racing abroad. Julie Murphy was nice enough to bring me her backpack filled with goodies she always seems to forget. Regina and I talk almost every day figuring out what last minute things we haven’t thought about. 
One piece of good news is that after my bike was inspected today, it was given a clean bill of health. I have to say I was very thankful for that b/c I had a bike wreck myself over the weekend. Nothing big, just a little off road riding involving a somersault or two. I must get some better handling skills! 

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