11 days to Ironman Austria!

I didn’t quite get to finish my update last night, I got a phone call from GMan letting me know that he and Janis were home and ready for me to pick up the bike box. I was very thankful that it fit in the mini, that was only with the top down. I did get quite a few stares leaving his neighborhood. Thanks again for the box Chris! 
Anyway, I still haven’t done any of the things that I need to do, but I was able to run today. WOOHOO! I had a nice size grapefruit growing off the side of my knee from this past weekends off road adventure and it prevented me from running over the past couple of days. I am on my way to healing and found out this morning that my rear hasn’t moved too much from last week either, so I really liked all the good news today. Someone who specializes in tailbones attempted to put my tailbone back in place last week and there was some concern it wouldn’t stay there. For the most part it’s still there, just minor movement. Another WOOHOOO!! 
Okay, so all the hours that have been logged (or not, j/k) for training are done and all the doubts and concerns are thrown out the window. It’s almost race time. Today was the first day that it hit me that IM isn’t so far away. For me, now is the time for the nervous excitement. You put so much effort, blood, sweat, and tears (I cried more than once through training) into IM training, that it’s incredibly exciting right before the race. I am confident that my training is banked and done, and now know that whatever the day has in store for me, that is what will happen. Everyone going to Austria or that has done an IM knows that you can control everything up to race day and then it’s just what Forrest calls “crisis management”. Hopefully the race gods will be in our favor that day and everything will come into alignment. 
One last note, please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers. I know this will be a mental race for me b/c my normal support system won’t be as large as usual and I will have to be a big girl and go out on my own. Heath will have to REALLY send great thoughts my way. I usually forget what I am supposed to do, so believe me when I say I really need all the support I can get. I am thankful for my dad making the trip, and I know Regina will be there supporting. Fun stuff, and we will be hammering on!

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